What Are the Shoes Making Machines Used In A Shoe Factory

May 22, 2023

Since there are various sorts of shoe hardware, it's vital to know precisely how exactly there are different types of shoe making machines. Every pair of shoes is made by a machine, and they don't just show up on your feet by accident. 

Shoe making machine holds the shoe in place while the shoemaker uses a variety of tools to attach the soles, heels, and other parts. Shoemakers place a high priority on purchasing the appropriate shoe machines.

Even though you can manage the procedure with just one or two machines but having a lot of them will allow you to create a wide range of shoes for your clients.

Machines Used in a Shoes Factory

Despite the fact that many of the machines used to make shoes today are computerized, some factories still use manual equipment to save money and time. In other cutting-edge plants, a great many machines will be accessible, including:

1. Automatic Sewing Machine

These machines naturally join the various shoe components, like the uppers and covering. These gadgets let you watch out for individuals' advantage from your perspective and abstain from getting carried away.

2. Sole Cutting Machines

Proficient shoemakers used to need to cut their own bits of elastic or plastic for bottoms, while there are presently various foot-fueled and mechanized underside cutting machines. The process of making shoes relies heavily on this piece of equipment.

Cutting presses, also known as clicker cutting machines, are utilized in the factories. One of the standard parts in each shoe handling plant is the clicker press, which should be cut for each shoe plan part.

3. Shoelace Making Machine

A particular piece of hardware called a shoelace making machine is made to wind around and make top-notch shoelaces. Depending on the organization's assembly requirements, these machines come in different sizes and configurations.


advantage of a shoelace making machine is its capacity to consistently produce large quantities of high-quality goods. Additionally, the use of mechanized equipment lowers costs associated with challenging work and increases efficiency rates.

4. Automatic Shoe Lasting Machine

These massive pieces of hardware, which are responsible for attaching the soles to the rest of the shoe, could either represent a shoe manufacturing company or the moment of truth. It is possible to last by hand, but doing so is becoming increasingly inefficient. Using these machines to quickly attach shoe soles can save you time and money.

5. Gluing Machines

It is essential to use glue of a high quality because the paste used to assemble shoes can leave a significant impact on the final results. By automatically applying the appropriate amount of glue to both sides of the sole, this machine significantly simplifies the process.

6. Outsole Pressing Machines

The heel, sides, and bottom of the upper and sole are compressed together during the pressing process. To lay out the bond, the endured upper and connected base is much of the time put in a chiller unit. The shoe is de-lasted either manually or mechanically after being removed from the chiller unit. A shoe could go through channel sewing utilizing a unique, more powerful than usual sewing machine that can fasten through the whole upper and elastic outsole.

7. Dryer Oven

The shoe could go through a UV light and dryer oven section to make sure there is no chance of construction improvement while it is coming.

Choosing the Right Shoe Making Machines

Is it conceivable that you are keen on buying altered footwear fabricating hardware? If that's the case, the following information might help you make an informed decision.

1. The Expertise of the Company

Determining whether the business that sells the shoe making machines possesses knowledge and expertise in this area is indispensable. You can inquire to see a few examples of their work for various customers. This will provide you with additional information regarding their equipment supply expertise and services.

2. Product Quality and Reputation

The only thing that matters when purchasing automatic equipment is its capacity to produce shoes of high quality. Buy products from well-known brands to help your business grow faster if you want it to be the best.

3. Pricing

When you buy these machines, you should also think about how much money you have. You should be ready to put in a lot of effort when putting shoes together. Similarly, you ought to be mindful so as not to spend a lot on these machines since they probably won't fill in too for your business as they could.

The Top Shoe Making Machine Manufacturer to Rely On

The shoe making machine manufactured by SONC Machine manufacturers is the only option available to your shoe manufacturing facility. The company has been established for nearly ten years, is stable, has a production limit, and is strong. It has a lot of experts who have been in the shoe making machine and hardware business for more than 20 years. The company has more than 30 national patented technologies, and the product technology offers significant advantages.

It produces machines and services that need to be reexamined in order to address your issues. The entire technical support staff of the company will always provide high-quality services to you. SONC has consistently utilized state of the art innovation to make items that assist the footwear business with expanding its intensity. Here are our best selling products:

1. SONC Tricolor Shoelace Upper Sole Injection Making Molding Machine

2. SONC Blowing Slipper Sandals Making Manufacturing Machine Line

3. SONC Two Color Sole Injection Molding Machine Sole Making Machine


A machine makes every pair of shoes, so they don't just show up on your feet by accident. The last machine is the most fundamental machine of all. Read the above article to know about SONC Machines and how other shoe manufacturers have previously utilized computerized production to serve the market, which also positions SONC at the top of the competition.

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