Slipper Injection Molding Machine&slippers making machine&slippers machine

Slipper Injection Molding Machine&slippers making machine&slippers machine

It is suitable for PVC foaming or non foaming raw materials to produce plastic products such as soles, slippers, sandals and rubber shoes.

1. Man machine interface, automatic control;

2. Multiple protection, energy conservation and environmental protection;

3. Learn and learn immediately。

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Ⅰ.Product features:

  1. 1. It is applicable to the production of monochrome soles, air blowing slippers, sandals, cotton shoes and other all plastic footwear products.

2. Suitable for PUR, foamed or non foamed thermoplastic PVC and TPR raw materials.

3. Equipped with air blowing mechanism, the product has light weight, excellent flexibility and good surface quality.

4. Industrial man-machine interface, PLC program control, touch screen display, accurate measurement and convenient operation.

5. Servo energy-saving system is optional to save about 30% of power.

6. Manipulator can be selected to open the mold, which can save labor cost.

Ⅱ.Product parameters:

适用原料(The range of the material)
Crystal, foamed and non foamed PVC, TPR raw materials
模具形式(Model Form)
Flat typeV type
螺杆直径(Screw Diameter)毫米/mm65
注射容量(Max injection volume)毫升/CC650
夹模力(Mold Clamping Force)吨/tons60
射出压力(Injection Pressure)Mpa70
生产量(Production Capacity)pairs/h100-200
容模空间(Space of mold)mm500*240*240
总功率(Total Power)Kw32.5
机械尺寸(Size of machine)mm6500*4000*22006500*4000*2500
机械重量(Machine weight)吨/tons6
用油量(Oil capacity)L600600

Ⅲ.Product picture:



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