Two-color Slippers Upper &Sole film & Sandal making Machine & manufacturers-SONC

Two-color Slippers Upper &Sole film & Sandal making Machine & manufacturers-SONC

It is suitable for PVC, crystal, TPR and other raw materials to produce single and double color uppers, soles and other plastic products.

1. Super large mold locking, stable action;

2. Multiple protection, energy conservation and environmental protection;

3. Easy to learn, beautiful products.

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Ⅰ.Product characteristics:

1.Suitable for TPR, PVC, crystal raw materials, production of plastic products such as soles, soles, uppers, trademarks, etc.

2.Using industrial-grade man-machine interface, PLC program control, touch parameter setting, accurate measurement and convenient operation.

3.Proportional stepless pressure regulation makes the system more stable, reliable and safe.

4.Optional energy-saving servo system, saving power about 30%.

Ⅱ.Main parameter:

Technical parameter list
Technical TermsUnit of ParameterEB206DEB208DEB210DEB212D
Raw material
TPR, crystal, PVC foaming and non-foaming materials
Injection CapacityG450*2
Diameter of screwMM50*2
Injection  pressureMpa70
Screw rotary speedr.p.m0-160
Injection speedCM/sec10
Clamping forceTons80
Max. System  pressureMpa16
Max injection strokemm200
Mould-opening strokemm180
Oil tank capacityL500*2
Electrothermal powerKw6.5*2
Power of motorKw11*2
Mould station numbera681012
Max. dimension of machinemm5600×2900×20006000×2900×20006500×2900×20007000×2900×2000
Machine weightKg12000125001300013500

* For technical updates, product constantly improve, text and appearance are subject to change without notice, please prevail in kind.

Ⅲ.Product Image:

slipper upper making machine shoelace making machine shoelace making machine manufachure
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