• Install the Cooling Fan C Foot
    Install the Cooling Fan C Foot

    Footwear injection molding machine, due to the need to meet the simultaneous production of multiple molds, improve production efficiency, shorten the single-mode production cycle, and convert the cooling process of the original injection molding machine mold from the clamping state to the non-clamping state for cooling. The cooling in the non-clamped state is cooled by a fan, so that when other molds are injected, multiple molds that have been injected with materials are shaped by staged cooling, which greatly increases the efficiency. The video shows the whole process of fan installation.

  • China Slipper Machine - Cooling Fan Installation
    China Slipper Machine - Cooling Fan Installation

    After the injection molding machine is completed, in order to increase the output and optimize the product quality,

     it needs to be cooled and shaped. Our machine has a fan cooling mode, and the video shows the installation process

    of the fan cooling part.

    Slipper injection molding machine video please click:


    Click here for the video of the two-color slippers machine:


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