Sonc Machinery always adheres to the core of "quality, technology and service". Service is the best way for us to communicate with you. We not only guarantee the stable and efficient quality through traceability mechanism of procurement, strict quality inspection system, trial production process of finished products and other ways such as strict supervision and careful control. And will do a detailed analysis of your needs, to provide you with the most reasonable plan; At the same time to improve the timely after-sales service, is also a highlight of our service.

  • Install the Cooling Fan C Foot
    Install the Cooling Fan C Foot

    Footwear injection molding machine, due to the need to meet the simultaneous production of multiple molds, improve production efficiency, shorten the single-mode production cycle, and convert the cooling process of the original injection molding machine mold from the clamping state to the non-clamping state for cooling. The cooling in the non-clamped state is cooled by a fan, so that when other molds are injected, multiple molds that have been injected with materials are shaped by staged cooling, which greatly increases the efficiency. The video shows the whole process of fan installation.

  • China Slipper Machine - Cooling Fan Installation
    China Slipper Machine - Cooling Fan Installation

    After the injection molding machine is completed, in order to increase the output and optimize the product quality,

     it needs to be cooled and shaped. Our machine has a fan cooling mode, and the video shows the installation process

    of the fan cooling part.

    Slipper injection molding machine video please click:

    Click here for the video of the two-color slippers machine:

  • Equipment heating and automatic start
    Equipment heating and automatic start

    Introduction to operation of footwear injection molding machine - equipment heating and motor starting:

    The pre heating of the machine is to provide external heat source for the screw barrel to support the plasticization of materials;

    Motor start is to provide power source for the machine and drive the hydraulic system to support various action processes.

  • Our Services
    Our Services

    Our Services

    Founded in 2012, the company is a shoe-making equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production and service.

    The technicians have

    more than 20 years

    of industry experience. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has always been shaped by the three cores of "quality, technology and service" enterprise.

    The company has the ability to provide high-quality footwear injection molding equipment, as well as the ability to provide you with complete plant equipment supporting services, and provide system engineering services for your factory;

    The company can design and develop non-standard equipment products that meet your wishes according to your needs, and eliminate or solve all kinds of incurable diseases for you.

    At the same time, the company can also do OEM entrusted authorization processing for you according to your technical requirements and drawings, and send you high-quality and low-cost products;

    SONC means "Sea of no cares!", your worries are our responsibility, and we sincerely look forward to your cooperation.

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