SONC | New ladies shoes making machine company

SONC | New ladies shoes making machine company

The product works stably under severe conditions. It is highly resistant to high and low temperature and abnormal pressure working conditions.

1. Non adhesive bonding, patented products;

2. Simplified process, energy saving and environmental protection;

3. Multiple protection, simple operation;

4. Slippers and sandals can be produced;

5. At the same time, two two-color products are produced;

6. The products are beautiful, soft and comfortable.

Products Details
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  • After years of solid and rapid development, SONC has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. ladies shoes making machine We promise that we provide every customer with high-quality products including ladies shoes making machine and comprehensive services. If you want to know more details, we are glad to tell you.SONC has passed a wide range of tests. They cover stress points testing, support points testing, yield points testing, wear resistance testing, toughness testing, friction force testing, etc.

    Ⅰ.Machine Features:

    ▶Patent technology of adhesive free bonding, and products are firmly bonded;

    ▶Equipment air blowing and venting system, the product is smooth and clean, the product is 

    soft and Q elastic, and the weight is reduced by 30%;

    ▶Special screw design and process treatment, durable and effective;

    ▶Industrialized man-machine interface, Plc program control system;

    ▶Special material blocking needle structure design, heat insulation and leakage prevention;

    ▶Multiple safety protection, safe and reliable;

    ▶Mold preheating system can be selected to reduce defective products during startup;

    ▶Optional servo system, energy saving and environmental protection.

    Ⅱ.Main parameter:

    适用原料(The range of the material)
    Crystal, foamed and non-foamed PVC, TPR materials
    模具形式(Model Form)
    V  Type
    螺杆直径(Screw Diameter)毫米/mm70+50*2
    注射容量(Max injection volume)毫升/CC769+390*2
    夹模力(Mold Clamping Force)吨/tons80*2
    射出压力(Injection Pressure)Mpa70*2
    生产量(Production Capacity)pairs/h80~200
    容模空间(Space of mold)mm500*240*280
    总功率(Total Power)Kw68
    机械尺寸(Size of machine)cm710×530×220780×600×220
    机械重量(Machine weight)吨/tons13.514.5
    用油量(Oil capacity)L600*@

    Ⅲ.Product picture:

    Ⅳ.Description of optional components:


           ▶V-shape pier

           ▶Drying Hopper

           ▶Automatic prying device
           ▶Servo Energy Saving System

    Ⅴ.Auxiliary equipment:


    █Can provide non-standard customized product services according to your requirements;

    █According to your technical requirements and drawings, OEM authorization processing;

    █Established nearly 10 years ago, stable and healthy, with a strong product production capacity;

    █With more than 30 national patented technologies, the product technology has the leading advantage;

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