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The product has good deformation resistance. It will not be affected by a sufficient load from other objects, remaining its original shape.
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Over the years, SONC has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. sole machine If you are interested in our new product sole machine and others, welcome you to contact us.SONC is the result of harnessing cutting-edge technologies, such as mechanical systems, automatic control, and sensing technology. Plus, the use of servo-drive technology enables efficient operations.

What is two color sole making machine?

The Two Color Sole Making Machine is an advanced footwear manufacturing equipment designed to simultaneously produce shoe soles in two distinct colors or materials. This innovative technology has opened new doors for creative possibilities, allowing manufacturers to craft visually appealing and unique footwear designs that cater to the ever-growing demands of fashion-conscious consumers.

At its core, this machine operates using a combination of injection molding and compression techniques. It features separate injection units for each color or material, ensuring precision and consistency when crafting dual-colored soles. Moreover, these machines are highly customizable, capable of adapting to various sole types such as TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), and more.

In addition to producing stunning aesthetic effects on footwear products, the two color sole making machine also offers increased efficiency in terms of production time and cost savings. By enabling simultaneous production of both colors, manufacturers can reduce labor costs while increasing output capacity - all without sacrificing quality or design integrity.

Ⅰ.Machine Features:

▶ Industrialized man-machine interface, Plc program control system;

▶Special material blocking needle structure design, heat insulation and leakage prevention;

▶Multiple safety protection, safe and reliable;

▶Hydraulic integrated system design, stable and safe;

▶Optional servo system, energy saving and environmental protection.

Ⅱ.Main parameter:

The range of the material
 PVC, TPR raw materials
Screw Diametermm75+65
Max injection volumeCC880+660
Mold Clamping Forcetons60
Injection PressureMpa70
Production Capacitypairs/h100-300
Space of moldmm500*220*200
Total PowerKw65.5
Size of machinemm10500*4500*220011200*5500*2200
Machine weighttons12.513.5
Oil capacityL700

Ⅲ.Product picture

Ⅳ.Description of optional components:

Ⅴ.Auxiliary equipment:

▶Cooling Tower:

used for cooling the hydraulic oil of the machine and the feeding place of the screw.


Used to crush defective products or waste and recycle them.

▶Color mixing machine:

Put in the toner and mix the raw materials into the desired color.


● Can provide non-standard customized product services according to your requirements;

● According to your technical requirements and drawings, OEM authorization processing;

● Established nearly 10 years ago, stable and healthy, with a strong product production capacity;

● With more than 30 national patented technologies, the product technology has the leading advantage.

What are the benefits of two color sole making machine?

The two color sole making machine provides a range of benefits for manufacturers in the footwear industry. Firstly, the machine is capable of producing soles with different colors and materials at once, which means that it saves time and increases efficiency. This feature makes it ideal for large-scale production.

Secondly, the two-color sole making machine produces high-quality soles that are durable and long-lasting. The use of premium quality raw materials ensures that the finished product is strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

Thirdly, this type of machinery allows customization options to create unique designs according to customer preferences. With its flexible design capabilities, shoe manufacturers can produce varied styles while maintaining consistency in terms of quality.

Investing in a two-color sole making machine helps companies reduce production costs by minimizing material wastage during processing. This leads to increased profitability over time.

In conclusion, the benefits offered by a two-color sole making machine are undeniable: increased productivity and efficiency coupled with superior product quality make this type of equipment an essential tool for any manufacturer looking to stay ahead in today's competitive footwear market.

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