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China Fully Automatic E-type Disc PVC Slippers & Sandals Injection Molding Machine LA1 Series manufacturers-SONC

China Fully Automatic E-type Disc PVC Slippers & Sandals Injection Molding Machine LA1 Series manufacturers-SONC

1.It is suitable for producing all kinds of foamed or non-foamed high-grade monochrome soles, inflatable slippers, sandals, cotton shoes and other footwear products;

2.It is suitable for injection molding of TPR, PVC, crystal, PUR foamed or non-foamed materials.

3.Equipped with a blowing mechanism, the product is light in weight, good in flexibility, bright in surface and comfortable in texture.

4.Using industrial-grade man-machine interface, PLC program control, touch screen display, accurate measurement and convenient operation.

5.Proportional stepless pressure regulation makes the system more stable, reliable and safe in action.

6.Optional energy-saving servo system, saving about 30% of power.

7.Optional mechanical mold opening system can greatly reduce labor intensity.

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EA1 series PVC blowing machine
Table of main technical parameters
Technical TermsUnit    of ParameterYE124QF-AYE124QV-AYE124QF-BYE124QV-B
raw    material
TPR, PVC foaming and non-foaming, crystal
Mould shape
Flat    moldV    typeFlat    moldV    type
Injection CapacityG750750750750
Injection precisionG±0.75±0.75±0.75±0.75
Diameter of screwMM70707070
Injection pressureMpa70707070
Screw rotary speedr.p.m0-2000-2000-2000-200
Injection speedCM/sec10101010
Mould clamping pressureTons60606060
System hydraulic pressureMpa16161616
Max injection strokemm200200200200
Mould-opening strokemm350350250250
Oil tank capacityL720720720720
Electrothermal powerKw11111111
Power of motorKw22222222
Mould station numbera24242424
Max. dimension of machinemm5800×3600×22005800×3600×25005800×3600×20005800×3600×2300
Machine weightKg6500700060006500

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