24 station two-color disc sole injection machine

24 station two-color disc sole injection machine

24 station two-color disc sole injection machine:

The 24 station two-color disc sole injection machine is suitable for the production of single and two-color TPR and PVC soles. 

It can place 12 pairs of 24 sole molds at the same time. The equipment is safe, reliable, simple and easy to learn.

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24 station two-color disc sole injection machine:

1. Machine characteristics:

A. Human machine interface operation, PLC program control;

B. Large clamping force and strong injection pressure;

C. The material quantity is up to 880cc, stable and accurate;

D. Multiple safety protection, safe and reliable;

E. Optional servo system, energy saving and environmental protection;

F. The operation is simple, that is, learning and learning.

2. Frequently asked questions:

A. Raw materials: TPR, PVC particles;

B. Mold: designed according to customer samples;

C. Machine production cycle: 30 days;

D. Relevant qualifications: ISO9000 and CE certification;

E. Packaging: plastic film packaging;

F. Packing size: 9000 * 2200 * 2300mm;

G. Total power: 65kW;

H. Hydraulic oil consumption: 700L * 2;

I. Standard power supply: three-phase 380V / 50Hz, other voltages need to be customized;

J. Auxiliary equipment: cooling tower and crusher

K. Vulnerable parts: screw barrel, blanking pin and oil seal

L. Attached accessories: common tools, attached accessories and product instructions

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