30 position PVC blowing injection molding machine

30 position PVC blowing injection molding machine

30-bit single-color air-blown slippers machine, suitable for producing single-color slippers from PVC, PUR 

and other plastic materials. Its main features are: 

  1. 1、Super multi-station, super high output; 

  2. 2、Visual interface, PLC program control; 

  3. 3、Multiple protection, safe and reliable; 

  4. 4、The operation is simple and the product is beautiful.

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  1. Ⅰ.Product characteristics:

  2. 1.It is suitable for producing all kinds of foamed or non-foamed high-grade monochrome soles, inflatable slippers, sandals, cotton shoes and other footwear products;

  3. 2.It is suitable for injection molding of TPR, PVC, crystal, PUR foamed or non-foamed materials.

  4. 3.Equipped with a blowing mechanism, the product is light in weight, good in flexibility, bright in surface and comfortable in texture.

  5. 4.Using industrial-grade man-machine interface, PLC program control, touch screen display, accurate measurement and convenient operation.

  6. 5.Proportional stepless pressure regulation makes the system more stable, reliable and safe in action.

  7. 6.Optional energy-saving servo system, saving about 30% of power. 

  8. 7.Optional mechanical mold opening system can greatly reduce labor intensity. 

  9. 8.Compared with ordinary 20-24 positions of moving table, the large Moving table has 30-36 positions, and produces slippers or sandals with longer cooling

  10. time, good shape, High output and High quality of slipper&sandals.

  11. Ⅱ.Main parameter:

Technical TermsUnit of ParameterLA120QFLA124QFLA120QVLA124QVLA130QVLA136QV
Applicable raw materials
PR,crystal, PVC foaming and non-foaming materials
Form of formwork pier
Plate typePlate typeType VType VType VType V
Injection CapacityG750750750750750750
Injection precisionG±0.75±0.75±0.75±0.75±0.75±0.75
Diameter of screwMM707070707070
Injection hydraulic pressureMpa100100100100100100
Screw rotary speedr.p.m0-2000-2000-2000-2000-2000-200
Injection speedCM/sec101010101010
Mould Clamping forceTons606060606060
System hydraulic pressureMpa161616161616
Max injection strokemm200200200200200200
Mould-opening strokemm300300300300300300
Oil tank capacityL720720720720720720
Electrothermal powerKw111111111111
Power of motorKw222222222222
Mould station numbera202420243036
Max. dimension of mouldmm3800×3600×22004000×3600×22003800×3600×25004000×3600×25004500×4200×25005500×5200×2500
Machine weightKg480050005200550060006500

Ⅲ.Product picture

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