Electric bicycle parts injection molding machine & TPR PVC sole injection molding machine EA1 seriese

Electric bicycle parts injection molding machine & TPR PVC sole injection molding machine EA1 seriese

1.Suitable for raw materials such as PVC, ABS, PP, etc., to produce all kinds of electric vehicle accessories, handrails, toys and other industrial and plastic products;

2.Using industrial-grade man-machine interface, PLC program control, touch screen display, accurate measurement and convenient operation.

3.The system pressure and flow rate are all stepless adjustment, the system is more stable, the action is reliable and safe.

4.Mould water cooling system greatly speeds up the cooling and setting time of in-mold products, and improves product output and quality.

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This product lasts longer. The weave techniques impart strength to its fabric that helps it undergo a lot of friction before it breaks apart.


1.We are not in China, how to deal with equipment installation?
We can send technicians to you for installation services。
2.What is the voltage configuration of the device?
The equipment voltage is configured according to China's three-phase 380V, 50 Hz, and other voltages need to be customized.
3.Is there anything else in ordering equipment?
In addition to equipment, we will equip you with standard tools, easily damaged accessories, and instructions.


1.With a sound technical service team, always provide you with quality service.
2.Can provide non-standard customized product services according to your requirements;
3.Established nearly 10 years ago, stable and healthy, with a strong product production capacity;
4.With more than 30 national patented technologies, the product technology has the leading advantage;

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