Wholesale Metal Powder Metallurgy Press Machine ZA1 series ZL101 with good price-SONC

Wholesale Metal Powder Metallurgy Press Machine ZA1 series ZL101 with good price-SONC

This equipment is specially customized for customers, to solve the faucet, plumbing and other equipment and research and development of automatic production of counterweight block, realize the automatic production of counterweight block, energy saving and efficient, won customers praise! At the same time, the equipment can also be used for vulcanizing rubber production and meet the requirements of other industrial products stamping production process, a wide range of uses, welcome to order!

1、 Super pressure, smooth action;

2、 Man machine interface, automatic control;

3、 Energy conservation and environmental protection, namely learning and learning.

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Ⅰ.Product characteristics:

1. Suitable for pressing metal powder into products;

2. Used for mold closing, vulcanization and other products that need to be pressed;

3. Large clamping force and stable action;

4. Man machine interface design, PLC control system;

5. Multiple safety protection, reliable and stable;

6. Energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation.

Ⅱ.Main parameter:

Main Technical Parameters
Technical TermsUnit of ParameterZL101
Raw materials
metal powder
Clamping forceTons100
Push out forceTons25
Push out speedmm/s40
Pressing speedmm/s200
Mold opening speedmm/s250
Mold opening strokemm400
Push out strokemm200
working desk sizemm450*500
Servo motor powerKW15
Max. dimension of machinemm2150*1100*3500
Machine weightKg3000

* For technical updates, product constantly improve, text and appearance are subject to change without notice, please prevail in kind

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