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As we all know, SONC shoe injection molding machine paint can play an aesthetic effect, but its more important role is to prevent oxidation, rust and corrosion. Good painting requires a perfect combination of fine workmanship, strict processes and skilled skills.

Spraying is mainly divided into 8 processes, including polishing, cleaning, putty plastering, putty plastering, antirust paint spraying, primer spraying, topcoat spraying, drying or baking.

The main tool for polishing is the polishing machine. The grinding wheel is installed to smooth and brighten the uneven areas such as welding slag and casting slag on the sandal machine, so as to ensure the overall smoothness and smoothness of the sandal equipment;

Cleaning: clean the particles left after polishing with the gas discharged from the air compressor to facilitate the adhesion of putty;

Scrape putty and ash, and use the ash scraper to fill up the slight concave convex and slight cracks of the slipper machine;

For putty plaster, since the putty plaster is in a sticky state when being scraped, the process of scraping is easy to present bumps, so it should be smoothed with sandpaper for subsequent spraying construction;

Spray antirust paint. Spray the cleaned machine with antirust paint with a spray gun to prevent the injection molding equipment from being oxidized and rusted;

Spray primer, spray a thin layer of primer on the footwear injection molding machine with a spray gun, and then spray it again after the primer is evenly distributed;

Spray finish paint, and spray the injection molding equipment with a spray gun for the second time, so that the paint color is uniform and full;

Drying or baking. After the paint is sprayed, it needs a certain time to solidify, so it is not easy to scratch or fall off.




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