SONC Installation instructions

SONC|Footwear Injection Molding Machine/Goose Head Type Machine installation 01-installation feet 

      Each footwear injection molding machine has 6-30 footings, for example: 5 footings on the goose head, 3 footings on the motor, 6 footings on the middle frame, etc. The footings can separate the slipper machine from the ground and play a role of moisture-proof; many places are relatively humid, which can prevent the SONC brand shoe injection molding machine from rusting. The feet have a threaded rod for adjustment. If the shoe-making machine is worn and the feet are uneven or the ground is uneven, you can use the feet to adjust it to make the shoe-making machine stable. The slipper injection molding machine needs various moving parts to perform multiple tasks, and vibration will be generated at this time; and there are rubber pads at the bottom of the feet, which can play a role in shock resistance. The large size feet have threaded holes and can be fixed to the ground with expansion bolts. If the sandals and other injection molding machines want to be fixed, you can also use the feet. 

     When the shoe-making production line is installed on the ground, screw in the adjusting screw and pass through the foot plate about 20mm; when the sandal injection molding machine is slowly lowered to the ground 50mm, put the foot pad into the corresponding foot screw, and align the position so that the foot falls to the ground The center of the upper is aligned with the center of the floor pad; then the upper injection molding machine is completely dropped on the floor pad to bear the weight. If the footwear injection molding machine has landed, use a crowbar to slightly lift the corresponding anchor screw and place it into the floor pad.

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