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March 20, 2023

Irrespective of the fashion trends of the age, comfortable slippers are an indispensable commodity that never loses its demand in our day-to-day lives.


The constant demand for this lifestyle essential requires an inexpensive, constant supply without any compromise on the quality. Businesses, therefore, need a means of production that will allow them to produce high quality and high output slippers at a process that is low cost and energy efficient.


This is where a Blow Slipper Machine comes in!


While there are many traditional slipper-making methods that rely heavily on manual labor, they require more time and effort and end up producing lesser output.


The Blow Slipper Machine, on the other hand, is primarily automatic, requiring little to no human labor, thus helping your business to meet supply and demand at a faster rate without having to cut back on the quality of the final product.


Here are the six reasons why you need a Blow Slipper Machine for your business.

SONC blowing slipper machine

1. High Output Production

The first benefit of a Blow Slipper Machine is high output production within the same time period when compared to older methods of slipper production. This can help your business boost its profit immensely, incentivizing you to work on the often neglected aspects such as energy efficiency and quality control.


The SONC Single Color Air Blow Slipper Machine, for instance, makes it possible to produce approx. 1000-2500 pairs per day.


That is 80-200 pairs per hour, which shows a remarkable prospect for the profitability of your business when compared to the manual machines that can produce only 15-25 pairs per hour.


Moreover, there are 4 types of 20, 24, 30, and 36 stations provided in the machine which plays a pivotal role in hiking the rate of output produced.

2. Automatic Interface and Advanced Technology

Air Blow Slipper Machines can save your business a lot of unnecessary effort as they require no human labor. The machines can take commands right from the screen to begin and end the process.


Customer convenience is also taken into account, as businesses are given the option of either getting the mold pried off via manual effort, or having their machines equipped with automatic mold-prying manipulators as per their needs.


The number of operators is also significantly decreased as the process only requires operation through the monitor.


For the operation of the Blow Slipper Machines by SONC, only one operator is required for the entire production process. A servo system is also present which allows the machine to identify problems itself via sensors without the need for external sensor systems.

3. Less Cost, Time, and Effort

The Blow Slipper Machine can help your business cut back on physical effort, time consumed during production, and cost of production. The automatic interface makes the production process hassle-free with no unnecessary manual effort required to keep the system running.


Manual labor is not only physically taxing, but also very time-consuming and ends up wasting valuable resources for a business.


Automatic machinery, on the other hand, is capable of generating a lot more products in the same time constraint, thus boosting net output for a company.


Similarly, the servomechanism option is also available which automatically senses errors through a negative feedback mechanism and corrects it immediately, as opposed to the alternative mechanisms where an error keeps causing losses for a long period of time until it is manually detected and fixed.

4. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Operation

An Air Blow Slipper Machine can help a business meet its energy efficiency goals and save a lot of capital that the business would otherwise lose due to energy losses.


Traditional slipper machines are not insulated to prevent heat losses, thus heat is one of the major forms of energy that businesses using traditional machines end up losing.


The SONC Single Color Air Blow Slipper Machine is specifically designed to conserve energy and prevent losses by specialized material used to insulate the structure of the pumping needle so that heat can be conserved and losses due to leakages can be prevented.


Companies have the choice to opt for the automatic skid system which is not only super fast but also eco-friendly and saves a lot of energy.

5. Safety and Stability

The Air Blow Slipper Machine is safer to use and its stable build helps prevent accidents that could harm those handling the machine.


Alternative methods of slipper-making involve hefty manual labor and thus expose the workers working on those machines to a variety of potentially life-altering accidents.


Poorly designed machines have been pinpointed as the key source of this problem.


SONC especially prevents chances of accidents by incorporating a sturdy, integrated design into their Blow Slipper Machines which provides stability to the structure and makes it safer to handle.


Further safety protection is also ingrained into the system by coating potentially dangerous structures in special materials. Using a Blow Slipper Machine for your business ensures the safety of your workers while the stable design not only makes the machine last longer but also adds to an overall safe experience.

6. Overall High Return on Investment

A business opting for the Air Blow Slipper Machine is guaranteed to make a high return on investment as the machine cuts down production costs by preventing losses thanks to its servo integrated system.

Moreover, it produces more output in the same time range as its alternatives, thus allowing the business to meet supply and demand along with an extensive focus on quality control.


The production is consistent therefore there is no issue of gaps in potential profit whereas the advanced technology and safety features provide workers with a better environment to work in enhancing the overall proficiency of the company.


Impeccable quality of the final product paired with conservation of energy, reduction of errors, and cut back on physical effort and time makes the Air Blow Slipper Machine an investment worth making and helps your business expand its reach in the market by diverting your focus towards profitability rather than internal malfunctions.


Hence, the Air Blow Slipper Machine is not only an investment saving you plenty of time and money but also a guarantee for success and prosperity.


So, don’t hesitate to experience the features of this SONC amazing machine and make your business a success!




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